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The Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall Audiobook

The Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall Audiobook

Series: The Vampire Knitting Club, Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall

Language: English

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A knitting shop in Cornwall—what could be more peaceful?

Turns out, just about anything!

When Boston-bred witch Jennifer Cunningham agrees to run a knitting and yarn shop in a seaside fishing village on the Cornwall coast in England, she worries she’ll be bored. Okay, she knows there are vampires living in a former tin mine, but she’s accustomed to vampires. They knit so fast that they make excellent customers and some of them are becoming good friends.

Jennifer is fascinated by the magic and myths in Cornwall, and she’s falling in love with her new home. However, when she’s exploring the rocky beach one morning, she discovers the victim of a fatal accident. The dead man appears to have fallen, but did he really die by accident? Or was he murdered? The more she discovers, the more Jennifer is convinced there’s a killer on the loose. And, with all the colorful characters she’s meeting, both living and undead, she’s pretty sure one of them is the murderer. But which one? The all-too-attractive undead pirate? The vagrant artist? The fellow shop owner who’s a little too helpful?

Join Jennifer and her undead knitting club as they work to catch the killer—before they strike again—in this paranormal cozy mystery. The Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall is a new series with some familiar characters from the Oxford-set Vampire Knitting Club series.

There’s no blood, gore or swearing, just good, clean murderous fun. Grab your copy today to join the club.

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Audiobook Details

Series: The Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall

Number: 1

Format: Audiobook

Listening length: 6 hours and 30 minutes

Narrator: Piper Goodeve

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