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The Village Flower Shop AUDIOBOOK BUNDLE - 50% off!

The Village Flower Shop AUDIOBOOK BUNDLE - 50% off!

Series: Bundle, Village Flower Shop

Language: English

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Buy all four Village Flower Shop Audiobooks and save 50%! Price shown includes discount.

Book 1: Peony Dreadful

Witches, Murder, and Flowers make quite the bouquet

Peony Bellefleur runs Bewitching Blooms, the charming flower shop in a picture-perfect Cotswold village in England. Her flowers seem to make the sick improve, wedding days happier, and birthdays more special because she infuses her bouquets with a little magic.

Peony’s a witch in a village that seems too perfect to be true. Probably because it is.

She’s got her hands full between running her flower shop, managing her mother, who’s a medium with a habit of conversing with the dead wherever she happens to be, and helping her protégé to embrace her newfound powers.

When someone dies, Peony suspects foul play. But can she solve the mystery before she’s the one pushing up daisies?

Book 2: Karma Camellia

Murder lurks behind the prettiest blooms...

The past doesn’t always stay in the past. Deeds can come back to haunt us. That’s what happens to florist Peony Bellefleur’s protégé and young witch, Char, when her old boyfriend turns up out of the blue saying he wants another chance. Turns out he’s really on the run from crime. Meanwhile there’s a competition among some of the women in the Cotswold village of Willow Waters to support the church vicar, a widower who graciously accepts everything from home-baked bread to hand-embroidered vestments. Is someone too competitive?

Life in the charming village may look picture-perfect on the outside, but like the camellias now in bloom, there can be stinging insects hiding amongst the perfect petals.

Book 3: Highway to Hellebore

Beware of men in fast cars…

When a fancy sports car whizzes down the high street of Willow Waters in the Cotswolds, florist and witch Peony Bellefleur senses that it could bring trouble. She is right. Bad boy Dennis Ratslaff left Willow Waters many years ago, and the community breathed a sigh of relief. After a couple of decades in Australia, he’s returned with an Aussie accent, a lot of money, and a plan to stay. He’s bought a beautiful historic property with an award-winning English country garden that he plans to dig up for his swimming pool.

The neighbors are angry, and the historical society is horrified, but Dennis doesn’t care. He’s rich, he’s romancing the town’s most eligible widow, and he’ll worry about the rules after he’s broken them. But when his digger unearths a major archaeological find, Dennis is forced to stop. Then it turns out there’s more than a Roman burial site in his garden…

Meanwhile, the town’s most eligible bachelor, and secret werewolf, has asked Peony out on a date and her mother and housemates all want to help her prepare for the first real date she’s had in years.

Book 4: Luck of the Iris

Prettiest garden contest? How delightful… How deadly

I thought judging the Willow Waters garden contest would be fun. A nice way to get to know a few more of my neighbors in this beautiful Cotswold village. I’d get to see how the best gardens grew, maybe nab a few tips for my own garden. I did not expect the competition to be to the death. Literally.

I’m Peony Bellefleur and I own Bewitching Blooms. I chose to be a florist for all the positive reasons you can imagine: people love flowers; they speak a language we all understand. Fresh blooms perk up an invalid, add celebration to a wedding, and welcome new babies (especially when I’ve added a bit of witch’s magic to my bouquets). I agreed to judge the garden competition for the same reasons. Joy and happiness.

Well, that was a mistake.

Between missing persons, interfering gnomes, and a full moon celebration that goes wrong, it’s been a busy time.

Each book can be read alone, though it’s better to read them in order. There’s no violence, gore, or sex in these novels, just good clean murderous fun with some magically quirky characters.

“A modern-day Agatha Christie. This mystery was as smooth as a Swiss watch and as cozy as a café au lait with a chocolate croissant.” 

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