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In Want of a Knife (Audiobook 5)

In Want of a Knife (Audiobook 5)

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Is Jane Austen the newest member of the Vampire Book Club?

What more could a diehard fan ask for? Except that Jane is undead and unamused…

To bookshop owner and witch Quinn Callahan’s delight, Jane Austen shows up for the late-night Vampire Book Club in Ballydehag, Ireland. Quinn’s thrilled and aching to ask her favorite author all the questions every rabid reader has about Jane's books, especially 
Pride and Prejudice. But Jane isn't in Ballydehag on a social call. She’s on a mission to stop the latest movie version of her most famous book from being made. Having Pride and Prejudice turned into a pornographic film is too much for the undead author to bear.

Dermott Lynch ditched Ballydehag seventeen years ago for the bright lights of Hollywood, leaving behind at least one broken heart and some very bad feelings. Now, he’s back, flashy and full of himself, wowing the townsfolk, and scouting locations for his movie, though it's obvious he’s never read a single page of 
Pride and Prejudice.

While excitement ripples through the locals at the prospect of having a movie shot in a village that doesn’t see much excitement (in daylight, anyway), the vampires living at Devil’s Keep are far from impressed. They prefer to keep Ballydehag quiet and remote. And Dermott Lynch could ruin it all.

Quinn, Jane, Lochlan Balfour, and his fellow vampires are determined to block this unsavory character from besmirching the classic novel. But as dark feelings grow, rather than a porno, the movie could end up being a murder mystery.

In Want of a Knife is book 5 in the Vampire Book Club series, which promises quirky characters, humor, and a touch of romance, but no swearing, blood, or gore. Each book can be read on its own. “I’ve read my way through this series and escaped my mundane working life for the magic of an Irish village with pleasure.” *****

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Audiobook Details

Series: Vampire Book Club

Number: 5

Format: Audiobook

Listening length: 5 hours and 49 minutes

Narrator: Hollis McCarthy

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The Vampire Book Club

A paranormal cozy mystery series.

“A rollicking good read, with a delightful cast of characters, and some special guest appearances from The Vampire Knitting Club. Nancy Warren delivers a delightful new mystery series.”

You will fall in love with this series about second chances, magical mayhem, and book club unlike any other.

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Customer Reviews

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Lucy McCahon
A fun brief romp

Just enough detail to keep me interested, not too long, easy to follow with logical action. A fun look at Jane Austen if she were still around.