The I Finished the %^*&# Book Present

My good friend Shelley Adina has a wonderful tradition where she buys herself a gift whenever she finishes a book. Shelley collects vintage jewelry and usually buys herself a piece of jewelry, or a piece of art. Back when I sold my very first book I bought two matching white couches for the living room. Then years went by, I got divorced and a couple of months ago I gave away the couches on Craigslist. I vacuumed them thoroughly, making sure every trace of dog hair was gone, because heaven knows you want your free couches to be perfect. Two burly young Irishmen hauled those couches "and part of my history" away with them. And that was that.

So, having just turned in the last of my Last Bachelor Standing trilogy that will be out in Harlequin Blaze next spring, I've decided I'm not getting sucked into furniture again. I'm following Shelley's lead. I think, if I had an era, it would be deco. I love the 20s, the clothes, the architecture and the books of that time. However, on searching out jewelry I've discovered I have diamond tastes on a cubic zirconia budget. Here's what I really want…


Starting bid is $7,000.00. If only I hadn't given away those couches, I could look under the cushions for extra change! I'll keep looking. I know I'll find the right thing. And it's always fun to have an excuse to get out and go shopping.

Speaking of shopping, Christmas is coming, I hope you'll check out my selection of Christmas stories that range from sweet to sexy. All are value priced at .99 cents each and are a great stocking stuffer, or a nice little treat for yourself.

Happy reading,


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