Sink your teeth into Blood, Sweat and Tiers

Sink your teeth into Blood, Sweat and Tiers

I love, love, love release days. My work is now done and Blood, Sweat and Tiers belongs to you. Dive in, enjoy, imagine you’re in the lovely English countryside where the strawberries are fresh and a group of avid amateur bakers are vying to win The Great British Baking Contest. It’s cake week and I had so much fun writing the cake baking and decorating scenes. I’m a huge fan of Bake-Off and this is my homage to that wonderful series. Of course, I added a few ingredients to my fictional contest. Witches and murder!

Hope you enjoy reading Poppy’s latest adventure as she attempts to bake a winning cake and solve a murder. Click here to check it out.

Please tell your mystery and Bake-Off loving friends. My readership comes mainly from readers telling others about my books. And I appreciate you all so much!!

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