FREE book (with dog!)

FREE book (with dog!)

So, I'm not really going to send you a dog by email. Seems to me that would be taking spam to a whole new level. No pooch spam from me, just a fun, sexy romantic comedy that is FREE until May 17 only.

It's called Rich Bitch and is, of course, about a dog. Spoiled multi-milionnaire Mimi is a toy poodle who only understands French, or pretends to. When Vince Grange, a hard-nosed labor negotiator in New York, whose nickname is Bulldog, inherits Mimi with her painted toenails and her Cartier diamond collar, he knows he needs help. Enter Sophie Veneau, a gorgeous French nanny who Vince hires to look after Mimi. But trouble seems to be following Sophie.

This is a story about opposites attracting, about the strange paths in life that lead us to exactly the right place. About a spoiled poodle and a homeless mutt, a big, tough New Yorker and the delicate Parisienne who's a lot stronger than she seems. I hope you'll check it out. Grab one for yourself and think about gifting one to a friend.

Happy Reading, Nancy

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